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Your job may cause Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. Cubital and Radial Tunnel Syndrome  can cause severe pain, numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness in your hands and arms.  The common cause of this syndrome is increased pressure  on a nerve in the arm, or elbow.  Repeating the same movements or experiencing continual vibration in using hand tools  at work is the usual cause of these syndromes. Because of this, assembly line workers get Cubital Tunnel Syndrome three times as often as data-entry personnel.

In Missouri, a medical doctor must state that your workplace activities are the prevailing factor causing the injury.  Prevailing factor means more likely than not , the  main cause.  Another way to look at the prevailing factor is, in the doctor’s opinion, the odds are 51% that work activities caused the Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. It is not enough for the work activities to be only a contributing factor.

What happens if the injury is work-related?

Many doctors prescribe the same course of treatment for the worker  with Cubital Tunnel Syndrome:

  1.  Rest.  Reduce or cut down on the work duties that aggravate your elbow.  If that does not solve the pain, go to:
  2. Physical therapy.   Therapy will focus  on strengthening your elbow, or handling the tools in a different position. If that does not work, then:
  3. Surgery.  Surgery is the last resort doctors recommend if  rest and physical therapy do not get you back to work. Sometimes the operation may be a  Cubital Tunnel Release.  The doctor may do a different operation, moving your pinched  nerve. This may  be done by taking off a piece of the  elbow and placing the nerve in a place where it is not pinched.   The worker will miss a number of weeks work before doing  physical therapy.

Benefits  available in Carpal Tunnel  Worker’s Compensation claims

  1.  Medical bills. Worker’s compensation insurance pays the bills in full.   You will not pay any co-pay or deductible amount.
  2. Temporary Total Disability.   Worker’s compensation insurance  will  pay you weekly for the time your doctor prescribes no work, however, your weekly check will be no more than 2/3 of your regular pay.
  3.  Disfigurement.  The surgery caused a scar on your elbow, you will receive money for that.
  4. Permanent Partial Disability.  As with other traumatic injuries, you will not heal 100%.  The percentage you have healed, less than 100% is the basis for your final lump sum payment.

For more details on these categories, see my  page on Worker’s Compensation Benefits

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