Hi, I’m Keith Liberman, practicing law for a few decades. My practice is concentrated on nurse license defense.  I am also experienced in criminal, family, and injury law.  This is helpful because there is frequent overlap with nursing issues. If you have any questions, I would be happy to discuss them with you. Give me a call, or send an email.  I look forward to working for you! We will go over every detail of your case together. I will prepare your case and take it  as far as necessary for you to receive all benefits under the law.

  • I represent any nurse who has received a complaint against his or her license from the Missouri State Board of Nursing.

My  nurse clients come from  all over the State of Missouri, and beyond.  I defend out of state travel nurses, and compact license nurses. You will not need to        travel to my office in St. Louis.  Your case will be held in either Cole County, Missouri, where the Board is located, or in the Missouri County where you reside.    Currently, most cases are virtual and require no travel. See my Practice Area Page

  • Employee Disqualification List (EDL).

Any nurse, aide, or tech who is employed at a facility that accepts Medicare, is subject to placement on the Employee Disqualification list if an investigator makes a finding of abuse or neglect.  If you receive a notice from the Department of Mental Health, of Division of Health and Human Services, contact me at once,  and I will defend you.   See my blog post:  Worker’s Compensation Page.  Also, check my  Motor Vehicle Accident page.

  • The Board his ordered discipline after a hearing, now what?

    I can help you.  When there is a hearing on your complaint in front of the Board, or the Administrative Hearing Commission, there is an appeal to the Circuit Court.  This must be done promptly, or it will be too late!  Many times I am able to obtain a restraining order against the Board to keep your license free pending the appeal.

    See my pages on Board Hearings, and AHC hearings.  Criminal FAQ and on Criminal Defense.

  • Is your license revoked, or inactive? I can help you apply for reinstatement.

    You may apply for reinstatement one year after revocation.  Also, you activate your inactive license. In either of those circumstances, if the Board denies your request, you may request a hearing.  I will help you put together documents and a written statement in support your case, and represent you at the Hearing.

See my Family Law page

  • Are you defending a complaint against your professional license?

You must hire a nurse defense lawyer familiar with  the Board of Nursing, the Administrative Hearing Commission, and the courts of Missouri, otherwise, you are playing poker without knowing the rules.  Do not risk your livelihood.  The Board has multiple attorneys and investigators who know the procedure, rules of evidence,  and the Board members. Let me even the playing field for you.

 Do not go before the Board without a skilled lawyer. Here is one reason why:  You brought  a  helpful document to the Hearing, but the Board’s lawyer objects, and it is not allowed.  This is because everyone, lawyer or nurse,  must know and follow the Rules of Evidence.

On the flip side, you need knowledge of those same rules to prevent the  Board’s attorney from presenting inadmissible evidence.  How do you do this? Know the rules. For example, if you object after the evidence is admitted, you are too late.  If you object on time, you must state the legal basis of your objection, such as, is the evidence hearsay, is it  irrelevant, immaterial, etc.

        Do not represent yourself.  I urge you strongly to hire a lawyer, even if it is not me!

  See my Nursing License page.

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