Board Complaint Against Nurse License

The notice of complaint sent by the Board has a summary of nurse violations.  Usually, it is a vague, one-line sentence. When you hire me, I will obtain the actual complaint and any documentation which was sent with it to the Board. I will scan and send it to you.  We will go over it in detail. The Board requires you to submit a written statement. After reviewing the documents, we write your written statement, while making sure we cover all the questions the Board asks.

I recommend some Continuing Education online courses and other homework, such as gathering any awards or nominations you have earned, and obtaining 1-3 letters of recommendation.

After submitting the written statement, some Board Investigators may interview you.   I will prepare you for the interview, and join in a three-way telephone conference.

Sometime down the road, we usually hear from the Board with an offer. I will go over it with you, and explain the options at that point.