Board Complaint Against Nurse License 

When your livelihood is threatened with a complaint, you need immediate advice. Do not write your response without legal consultation.

Employee Disqualification List Defense

Defending Nurses, Aides, and Techs from allegations of abuse or neglect.

Nursing License Reinstatement

Help with reinstating a license following Revocation, or Inactive Status

Appeal from Discipline following Board Hearing

Determinations by the Board of Nursing are appealable, but must be done on time. Act immediately for an appeal.


Patient abandonment is grounds for nursing license discipline.  In general, a nurse knows it is…

This blog tackles the intricacies of answering  “Screening Question #6” on the RN and LPN …

The Intervention Program is a non-disciplinary consent agreement.  It is a life vest for impaired…

The Board of Nursing  sent you a letter.  A complaint  was made on your Nursing…

Did you know that the Board of Nursing may order your complaint record  sealed?  Recently,…

When a nurse has a license complaint for substance abuse, its not always the end…


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