Family Law

This is the most stressful and emotional part of the law.  Let me help you through it.

Nurse License Defense

When your livelihood is threatened with a complaint, you need immediate advice.

Worker’s Compensation

Workplace injuries are complex. I will help you maximize all the legal benefits.

Car Crashes

The insurance company has a lawyer, you should have one too.


Patient abandonment is grounds for nursing license discipline.  In general, a nurse knows it is…

This blog tackles the intricacies of answering  “Screening Question #6” on the RN and LPN …

The Intervention Program is a non-disciplinary consent agreement.  It is a life vest for impaired…

The Board of Nursing  sent you a letter.  A complaint  was made on your Nursing…

Did you know that the Board of Nursing may order your complaint record  sealed?  Recently,…

When a nurse has a license complaint for substance abuse, its not always the end…


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