Practice qualifications of Keith Liberman, Liberman Law Firm, LLC


I have been  practicing law since my admission to the Missouri and Federal Bars in October, 1982.  My solo practice began in July, 1984. In 2000 I formed a  Missouri Limited Liability Company, Liberman Law Firm, LLC.



I was born a third generation Missouri Tiger. I’m married with five adult children and stepchildren, including 2 granddaughters! Excellent health. Enjoy guitar ( Multiple Choice: I’m wearing a red shirt in the photo), tennis and running.


Clients find me for many reasons. Often  a friend, or another lawyer recommends me. Many clients return. I will meet with you as soon as I can after you contact me.  Tell me what you are worried about, and I’ll tell you what the law can do for you.


I gather, organize and interpret all relevant papers and photos in your case.  We review them together.  Next, I layout your options.  You pick one.  Then, I  present  the other side  with our position.  Finally, I report  what was said.  Many times we resolve cases this way.  When all else fails, we try the case.


Many  cases are  successfully mediated. However, when this fails, or when our  opponent refuses to mediate, the case must be tried. Another form of Alternative dispute resolution is arbitration.  I rarely use arbitration.


I  try cases in Missouri Federal and State courts. Some cases are jury trials. Some are decided by judge. I know the rules of procedure and evidence. I file appeals in Missouri State courts, as well as the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C.


Martindale-Hubbell has rated  me as an AV lawyer. This is its top rating for ability and ethics . I have chaired both the Professionalism and Ethics Committees of the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis. Also their Law Related Education Committee. I wrote a monthly ethics column for their publication.


 Since 1982 I have been representing people in Missouri State courts. Thousands of clients have trusted me with their legal issues.  I have seen all of the roadblocks the opposition puts up.  When they prevent you from receiving the benefits our law allows, I fight back. Together, we will  break down these defenses.


 My clients live in the cities, towns and rural parts of Missouri. I will explain  legal issues  without “legalese”. If I don’t explain it clearly the first time, we’ll try it again until you say “O.K.” You hire me.  That means you are my boss.  Ask me  questions, tell me what you want. I’ll tell you the choices,m you decide. Lets get there together.


 Worker’s Compensation Law in Missouri is different from other accidents. For example:

  • In a worker’s compensation case, if you injure yourself, their is still a claim.  But, the law doesn’t allow any extra money for pain & suffering.
  • On the other hand, if you crash your car on your day off, you only have a good lawsuit if it wasn’t your fault.  If someone caused your injuries, you can get damages for pain and suffering.

Nurse License Defense is a big portion of my practice as well.  I defend nurses, and other professionals, when a complaint is made against their license by the Professional Board.  Much of this work is done administratively.  That means, not in a circuit courtroom.  Hearings can be held locally or in Jefferson City. See may page on Nurse license defense.

Many  of my clients  have been turned down by  other lawyers. I will look at every detail of your case.  If you hire me, we will fight together.

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