Nurse License Defense
Nurse License Complaint


Every nurse employer must, within 15 days,  report terminations for cause. The Missouri State Board of Nursing receives those reports.  You need Nurse License Defense because your livelihood is at risk.

The Procedure from complaint through resolution is complex.

  1. A  Board of Nursing investigator reviews the employer’s report, then investigates.
  2. The investigator asks the nurse for a statement.  YOU NEED A LAWYER BEFORE RESPONDING.  Here’s why:
    • A nurse statement which is too broad, and is inconsistent with previous statements, witnesses and documents,  may severely harm your defense.
    • Sometimes  law enforcement officials review these incidents.  This is especially true when the employer accuses a nurse of physically harming the patient, or mishandling of narcotics. So, when the nurse makes an incriminating statement, it could  result in criminal charges. In that case, don’t make any statement.
  3. Investigator files the completed report with the Board. The Board has its own lawyers.  After consulting with its lawyers, the Board  determines whether you will be  punished.
  4. As a nurse, you may accept the punishment,  negotiate a different punishment, or fight the case.

Remember, the Board has a lawyer who knows the rules.  You do not know the rules.  You  should  be defended by a lawyer who is experience in nurse license defense.

Formal Hearing in Jefferson City

Finally, if the complaint isn’t resolved informally, there is a formal hearing in Jefferson City. There, the Board of Nursing issues subpoenas, hears from witnesses, and receives documents as evidence.    Your evidence must be legal and in proper form,  or the Board won’t hear your full defense. I am an experienced trial lawyer.  I  will properly present your case.

What’s the Range of Discipline on a nurse license?

The  Board of Nursing  imposes punishment after the hearing.  Here is the range of punishment:

  1. CENSURE: The nurse works as before, without restriction. However, censure is a public record reflected on Nursys.
  2. PROBATION: The nurse keeps working, but with extra conditions during probation. Probation has a five year maximum.
  3. SUSPENSION:  Suspension requires  the nurse completely stop practicing.  Suspension is  3 years maximum.
  4. REVOCATION: The nursing may not practice. There is no maximum period.

If you face the threat of a complaint, you need  a lawyer with Nurse License Defense experience. Call me first, before calling the investigator.  But remember, whatever stage your complaint is in, it’s not too late for my help.

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