Liberman Law Firm helps people of many backgrounds when they are injured, accused of a crime, or need to protect their families.

  • Have you been injured at work?

    When my clients were injured in crashes, after falling down, bitten by a dog and  shot, I helped them.  Contact me when you have been injured. You and I will go over every detail of your case. Consequently we will be prepared to go  as far as it takes to get you all benefits under the law.  See my Worker’s Compensation Page.

  • If you have been hurt in a collision or slip and fall, I can help.

  I have helped clients who were injured in crashes,  falling, dog             bites and  gunshot.  Call me when you have been  injured. Check       my  Motor Vehicle Accident page.

  • You have been arrested, now what?

    Criminal law is where I started 34 years ago.  I have handled cases in Missouri state and federal courts. These cases include all types drug-related offenses.   Whether you are  charged with a:

    crime against a person, such as burglary, robbery, murder, assault, rape, incest, resisting arrest; or

    crime against property, like stealing, forgery, and bad checks, I can help you.  Judges and prosecutors  all have a unique approach to crime which will influence your case strategy.  Because I have appeared in many courts, I may be able to get you a better result than a younger lawyer.  Let me get the best result for you.

    See my page on Criminal Defense!

  • Do you need help on a family law case?

    You are having family law issues. Divorce and custody are the most emotionally charged cases in the practice of law. I will help you because I have  handled  difficult and complex family law cases. As a result, I can explain the process to you and answer your questions. I help clients in divorce, paternity,  custody, adoptions, and name changes.   Have you read horror stories on the internet? Did your friend have a case that was like yours and it turned out ask me about it. Tell  me what scares you, and I will explain why your case is unique.

    See my Family Law page

  • Are you defending a complaint against your professional license?

If you are an Accountant, attorney, physician, nurse, psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, pharmacist or other professional, you need a Missouri license to practice your profession.  Of course you are smart and educated and believe you can handle the complaint by yourself, but the opposite is true, you need a lawyer. Even if you are one.  Do not risk your livelihood.  I have represented professionals before the Missouri Administrative Hearing Commission and many professional licensing boards. Administrative law is complex and differs for many of Missouri’s licensing boards.  Consequently you need a lawyer who has been through the process.  I have.  See my Nursing License page.

  • Liberman Law Firm has helped people since 1982.

I have helped thousands of clients navigate the court system. I represent American citizens,  green card holders, and undocumented immigrants of many nationalities. 

For more about me, click here.  Call for a free consultation.